Month: July 2021

Understanding Publishing – Part 5: Money$$$

OK. This is the topic we are all interested in. How much do we get paid? This is another topic that gets skewed by what the mainstream media covers in regards to books. We when think published authors, we think Stephen King, Koontz, and all those other huge name writers who have been around for a while and sell huge numbers. That can skew … Read More Understanding Publishing – Part 5: Money$$$

Understanding Publishing Part 4 – self vs. conventional

I get a lot of questions about the differences between self-publishing and conventional publishing, and it’s a tough choice for some authors. First, let’s look at some numbers. I’ve posted these a lot, but they’re important for context. There are between 500,000 and 1 million books published each year. And most books sell around 3000 copies.That’s where we’re starting from. You have to taper … Read More Understanding Publishing Part 4 – self vs. conventional

Understanding Publishing Part 3 – Author Platform

I’ve said before how risk averse publishers are. The profit margins most work with are pretty small, so a book that takes a loss is devastating to a publisher’s yearly budget. That means they aren’t eager to take a leap faith on a ton of projects. So, how can you help yourself? By creating yourself. Most people outside of publishing only see the tip … Read More Understanding Publishing Part 3 – Author Platform

Understanding Publishing #2 – The Publisher’s Job

Hi, all. The second part of this series will deal with what you can expect from a conventional publisher. I am omitting self-publishing for now, as I will address that later. So, let’s say your book has been accepted by a publisher. What can you expect from them and what are their duties? First thing first: you should never have to pay any money … Read More Understanding Publishing #2 – The Publisher’s Job